Mural Castles inspired by Hundertwasser * acrylic * 2nd Grade


1aatakingofftapeIMG_6418These kids’ semi-surreal castles were inspired by the Viennese visionary, Hundertwasser. You can see how excited they were! This was the first time they had ever painted large, with quality acrylic and good brushes! I showed them how to sand and gesso, then how to paint a smooth layer of color. After that they laid down tape in patterns and filled the patterns with color.


We began with visual exercises defining line, shape,  and pattern and then looking at the colorful, inspiring work of Hundertwasser, a Viennese artist and architect who was very Green before that was even a term Рand years ahead of his time. Then the kids created mock-up paper patterns and marker designs for their castles, one of which was also inspired by the Kremlin. Afterward they worked on the wood, and the patterns changed as they were enlarged. When all the painting was done I cut the wood to the shapes of the castles and coated it with a resilient coating.


The kids had to learn as much about working as a group as they did about paint. They were very excited when they got to pull the tape and proud to have their work permanently installed at the school.

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