Greek Myths * Pegasus Shadow Puppet Show * 4th & 5th Grade

4BellerophrongoestoMtOlympustobeGod1PegasusHere are some magical images from the tale of Pegasus and Bellerophron, a Greek myth that is an interesting lesson in pride. The story begins with Bellerophron, who cannot rest until Athena’s winged horse, Pegasus, is his. With Athena’s help, he captures the enchanting creature and goes on many adventures. He also defeats the Chimera, a beast that is part lion, part goat and part snake that breathes fire. But he becomes so convinced of his own glory that he decides he must live amongst the Gods. He plans to fly on Pegasus up to Mount Olympus, the home of the Gods, but Zeus, who has already warned him not to do so, sends a gadfly to sting Pegasus, who throws Bellerophron. Bellerophron falls back to Earth, breaks his leg beyond repair, and is doomed to walk as a lame beggar and tell his warning story to passers-by. Pegasus, however, is welcomed into Mount Olympus.


The kids really got into this story and made beautiful sets and characters for it. In the process they learned about Greek mythology, shadow puppetry and more. They had a lot of fun designing the puppets and performing the story for other classes, who in turn became excited about Greek mythology as well.

2BelleropronandKing6BelleroprononPegasus7Zeus'sGadfly that stings Pegasus

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