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Hybrid Animal Scientific Illustrations * Graphite * 9th-12th grade

In the art class I am teaching at a local public high school, my students are looking at the intersection of science and art. They had to invent an animal hybrid and then label it as if it were a scientific illustration. Students looked at scientific illustrations by artists and scientists – both contemporary and […]

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Greek Myths * Pegasus Shadow Puppet Show * 4th & 5th Grade

Here are some magical images from the tale of Pegasus and Bellerophron, a Greek myth that is an interesting lesson in pride. The story begins with Bellerophron, who cannot rest until Athena’s winged horse, Pegasus, is his. With Athena’s help, he captures the enchanting creature and goes on many adventures. He also defeats the Chimera, […]

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Bats, Owls & Caterpillars * Shadow Puppet Science * 3rd & 4th Grade

Art meets Science: After learning about bats, owls and caterpillars, these students acted out predator/prey scenarios and shared facts about these creatures in dynamic (and, as you can see, sometimes bloody) puppet shows. Students first studied the habits of their creatures and then storyboarded them into action, using Pixar storyboards and comic book sequences as […]

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Mural Castles inspired by Hundertwasser * acrylic * 2nd Grade

These kids’ semi-surreal castles were inspired by the Viennese visionary, Hundertwasser. You can see how excited they were! This was the first time they had ever painted large, with quality acrylic and good brushes! I showed them how to sand and gesso, then how to paint a smooth layer of color. After that they laid […]

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Tigers & Pandas * Japanese Brush Paintings * 3rd Grade

Here are brush paintings by some of my young students from John Yehall Chin School. This is only a small section of hundreds of works in the culminating exhibition; every child was represented. The kids in all of the K-5th classes learned about Japanese brush painting (and many other art techniques!). I worked as an artist-in-residence […]

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Urban Paper-Art Landscapes * Ezra Jack Keats * Kindergarten

All of the papers were handmade by students using multiple tactile techniques: paper marbling, rubbing, watercolor, stamping and more. Following this, they collaged all of the patterned papers into an urban landscape, learning about what’s on a city street, building shapes, types of buildings, perspective, and horizon line. Lastly, they created people to walk through […]

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Cyanotype Photography * Light & Shadow Science * All Ages

The science of light and shadow is fascinating, and wonderful to explore through historical forms of photography. Cyanotype, which is actually the oldest form of photography, utilizes iron salts and paper and results in a blue and white image. It was actually invented by an astronomer who wanted a way to ‘xerox’ his notes and […]

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Japanese Noh-Inspired Puppets * First Grade

All of these fantastic creatures make me smile! For this project, kids learned a little bit about Japanese culture, arts and theater.  We created the puppets by: 1. Forming colored clay faces inspired by Japanese folklore characters, demons and tricksters, such as Hannya, Kitsune and others. 2. Folding, dipping and dyeing paper and filters, creating symbolic […]

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Where the Wild Things Are * Shadow Puppets * Kindergarten

On the day of Maurice Sendak’s birthday, it seemed only fitting to post the Shadow Puppets & Performances my kindergarteners made of Where the Wild Things Are. In Max’s room, a forest grew… In Max’s room, a forest grew… Shadow Puppet of Monster

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CAMP JAPAN, August 2013!!

This will be a most unusual, cultural, active, creative summer camp experience, right here in San Francisco! Feel free to email me with any questions!!

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